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G2 Marine now offers custom engineering services for any and all boat mounting surfaces. 

  • Replacement Dash Panels

  • Replacement Bow Panels

  • Replacement Switch and Auxiliary Panels

  • Replacement Dash Panels with Dual Graph Mounts

  • Replacement Bow Panels with Dual Graph Mounts

  • Replacement Bow Panels with Triple Graph Mounts

Details of custom mounting solutions:

  • Customer will be asked to provide boat make, model, year. Based on the given information, the customer may be asked to provide several pictures of the existing panel or mounting surface with several reference dimensions.

  • Price is quoted on a case by case basis. 

  • A 10% Deposit will be required to proceed with custom engineering services. The customer will be provided a 3D picture of the quoted item. These will be professional models (our reputation is on the line).

  • When the customer approves the 3D model, the remaining 90% of the payment will be requested. Upon payment there will be a 1-4 week lead time. 

Email all inquiries to ATTN: CUSTOMS INQUIRY

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