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Welcome to G2 Marine, LLC. Thank you for stopping by and checking us out. We aim to offer the best quality product and customer service in the market — all made right here in the USA. G2 Marine was founded by Father & Son, George and George Gendler, two tournament anglers who fish the BIG waters of the Northeast (i.e Great Lakes, Finger Lakes). We started G2 Marine when we could not find a mounting system for our electronics that would withstand the rigors the big waters dish out. Both of us are mechanical engineers so we decided to go to work to design and build on our own. 


G2 Marine mounts are CAD (computer-aided) designed, laser cut from aluminum plate, CNC (computer numerical control) bent and Anodized coated. Hole patterns will fit most modern electronics without any need for drilling additional holes. If drilling is required, the anodizing will not chip like paint could. We chose anodizing over paint due to its durability as it will keep your mount looking new for years. You get all of this for a price that is in line with our competitors. All mounts come complete with stainless steel mounting hardware. We also offer stainless steel tamper-resistant mounting hardware and keys to help protect your investment. When your mount arrives on your doorstep, you will have everything you need to install your new mount.

Console Mount
Double Bow Mount
Low-Profile Single Bow Mount
Console Mount
High, Over-the-Pedal Mount

Our console mount (dash mount) is very unique. It is designed to fit just about any dash configuration on the market. It can be adjusted with movable legs to fit around the gauges on your dash. The legs also allow for a level mounting surface based on the pitch of your console. This is one of the most universal console mounts on the market. We wanted to provide a mount for owners of older bass boats that could not find a way around their gauges and controls. This mount will work on virtually every dash out there, old and new. This mount is also anodized and comes complete with stainless steel hardware and an option for tamper-resistant hardware.


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